Cardano Dice NFT Collection

Cardano Dice is an NFT Project on the Cardano Blockchain.
I created this small NFT Project because im am very interested in the NFT and Blockchain Technology.
With this project I learned how to create and publish an NFT project.
The Collections is very limited and consists only of 50 unique "Cardano Dice".

Check out the Collection on CNFT.IO

"Cardano Dice" on CNFT.IO

FAQ - Before You Buy

1. Can I make money by buying an NFT?

Please do not buy NFTs with the intention to get rich. NFTs are very speculative.

2. How many different NFTs are in this collection?

In this collection are 50 unique Cardano Dice.

3. Where can I buy these NFTs?

You can buy them on "CNFT.IO". You need to create an account on "CNFT.IO" and link it to your cardano wallet.

Make sure when you buy an NFT that the policy ID matches one of the policy IDs below.

Policy IDs: